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Compressed Bones & Sticks from King Wholesale Pet Supplies
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Item # Description Price Qty
IMS00239 IMS Pressed Bone 10 inch $3.79 5/$3.39ea
IMS00241 IMS Pressed Bone 12 Inch $5.59 5/$4.99ea
IMS00233 IMS Pressed Bone 4 Inch $0.69 20/$0.59ea
IMS00235 IMS Pressed Bone 6 Inch $1.39 15/$1.19ea
IMS00830 IMS Pressed Bone 6pk - 8 Inch $12.49 12/$11.29ea
IMS00237 IMS Pressed Bone 8 Inch $2.39 10/$2.19ea
IMS00228 IMS Pressed Stick 10 Inch x 20mm $1.39 50/$1.29ea
IMS00222 IMS Pressed Stick 5 Inch x 15mm $0.99 50/$0.79ea
PF59910 PETFACTORY Pressed Rawhide Bone 10in $3.99 12/$3.39ea
PF59912 PETFACTORY Pressed Rawhide Bone 12in $7.39 12/$6.39ea
PF59904 PETFACTORY Pressed Rawhide Bone 4in $0.89 12/$0.69ea
PF59906 PETFACTORY Pressed Rawhide Bone 6in $1.79 12/$1.49ea
PF59908 PETFACTORY Pressed Rawhide Bone 8in $3.29 12/$2.79ea
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