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ZUKES Z-Bones from King Wholesale Pet Supplies
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Item # Description Price Qty
ZUK82415 Z-Bones Clean Apple Crisp - 18ct Mini $11.99 12/$10.29ea
ZUK82435 Z-Bones Clean Apple Crisp - 6ct Large $11.99 12/$10.29ea
ZUK82425 Z-Bones Clean Apple Crisp - 8ct Regular $11.99 12/$10.29ea
ZUK82417 Z-Bones Clean Berry Crisp - 18ct Mini $11.99 12/$10.29ea
ZUK82437 Z-Bones Clean Berry Crisp - 6ct Large $11.99 12/$10.29ea
ZUK82427 Z-Bones Clean Berry Crisp - 8ct Regular $11.99 12/$10.29ea
ZUK82416 Z-Bones Clean Carrot Crisp - 18ct Mini $11.99 12/$10.29ea
ZUK82436 Z-Bones Clean Carrot Crisp - 6 ct - Large $11.99 12/$10.29ea
ZUK82426 Z-Bones Clean Carrot Crisp - 8ct Regular $11.99 12/$10.29ea
ZUK82135 ZUKES Z-Bones - Apple Crisp - Large - 18 ct $42.99 4/$38.99ea
ZUK82125 ZUKES Z-Bones - Apple Crisp - Regular - 25 ct $43.99 4/$40.49ea
ZUK82136 ZUKES Z-Bones - Carrot Crunch - Large - 18 ct $42.99 4/$38.99ea
ZUK82126 ZUKES Z-Bones - Carrot Crunch - Regular - 25 ct $43.99 4/$40.49ea
ZUK82137 ZUKES Z-Bones - Cherry Berry - Large - 18 ct $42.99 4/$38.99ea
ZUK82127 ZUKES Z-Bones - Cherry Berry - Regular - 25 ct $43.99 4/$40.49ea
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