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LAUBE Wild Animal - Wild Thang Shampoo - Gallon
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LAUBE Wild - Animal Wild Thang Shampoo-Gallon

Wild Thang is a 50:1 ultra high concentrate natural alternative shampoo that does not contain soap or detergent. Since Wild Thang is safe to use on other Flea & Tick products. it is a must for summer season! Wild Thang is made with natural oils and also brightens white coats, helps with bad body odor, cleans all dirt, stains and filth off the skin and coat without drying the skin or coat. It gets tar, sap, and food stains out of the coat yet gentle enough to use as a basic everyday shampoo. Wild Thang is for dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, puppies, kittens, ferrets & farm animals.


  • Color Enhancing
  • Removes grease and oil
  • Safe with flea and tick products
  • Removes stains
  • cleans extreme dirt matted coat
  • All around basic

    Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Tea Tree Oil, Cedar Oil, D Limonene, Eucalyptus Oil, Neem Oil and DL Panthenol, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Nettle Extract, Chamomile Extract, Comfrey Extract, Henna Extract and Rosemary Extract.

    Mix 50 parts warm water to 1 part shampoo (1/3 cup or 3 oz. shampoo to 1 gallon of water). Apply to wet coat. Apply to the pads of feet, ears, and rear first, for best results. Work the shampoo into a lather over the rest of the body. Allow to set. Rinse and repeat as needed.
    To brighten white hair or remove oxidation and stains: apply diluted Wild Thang Shampoo to hair. Work lather into hair, then add undiluted Wild Thang Shampoo into the lather. Work into hair and allow to set for 5 minutes. Rinse and repeat these steps if necessary.
    Avoid eye contact. Store undiluted shampoo in a cool, dry place.

    Also Available in a 12oz. bottle

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