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Item # Description Price Qty
CHM00299 CHARMING Barkers Black Oak L $7.99 12/$6.89ea
CHM00298 CHARMING Barkers Black Oak S $6.69 12/$5.89ea
CHM00001 CHARMING Cuddle Tugs Blushing Bunny $9.99 12/$8.99ea
CHM00007 CHARMING Cuddle Tugs Cozy Cow $9.99 12/$8.99ea
CHM00013 CHARMING Cuddle Tugs Grazing Goat $9.99 12/$8.99ea
CHM00018 CHARMING Cuddle Tugs Leopard $9.99 12/$8.99ea
CHM00379 CHARMING Cuddle Tugs Owl $9.99 12/$8.99ea
CHM00016 CHARMING Cuddle Tugs Peachy Pig $9.99 12/$8.99ea
CHM00019 CHARMING Cuddle Tugs Zebra $9.99 12/$8.99ea
CHM00324 CHARMING ExtraLong Tough Aliens Green $8.29 12/$7.29ea
CHM00325 CHARMING ExtraLong Tough Aliens Purple $8.29 12/$7.29ea
CHM00081 CHARMING Longidudes Fox $9.99 12/$8.79ea
CHM00080 CHARMING Longidudes Giraffe $9.99 12/$8.79ea
CHM00076 CHARMING Longidudes Rabbit $9.99 12/$8.79ea
CHM00082 CHARMING Longidudes Raccoon $9.99 12/$8.79ea
CHM00323 CHARMING PET Extra Tough Aliens - Orange $8.29 12/$7.29ea
CHM00295 CHARMING PET Howling Hooters - Beige $4.59 12/$3.99ea
CHM00294 CHARMING PET Howling Hooters - Blue $4.59 12/$3.99ea
CHM00296 CHARMING PET Howling Hooters - Green $4.59 12/$3.99ea
CHM00297 CHARMING PET Howling Hooters - Orange $4.59 12/$3.99ea
CHM00430 CHARMING PET Peek-A-Boo's - Giraffe $8.29 12/$7.29ea
CHM00413 CHARMING PET Peek-A-Boo's - Lamb $8.29 12/$7.29ea
CHM00412 CHARMING PET Peek-A-Boo's - Pig $8.29 12/$7.29ea
CHM00869 CHARMING PETS Pulleez - Giraffe $7.19 12/$6.39ea
CHM00102 CHARMING PETS Tennis Heads - Cow $6.99 12/$6.09ea
CHM00106 CHARMING PETS Tennis Heads - Horse $6.99 12/$6.09ea
CHM00112 CHARMING PETS Tennis Heads - Pig $6.99 12/$6.09ea
CHM00103 CHARMING PETSTennis Heads - Rooster $6.99 12/$6.09ea
CHM00871 CHARMING Pulleez Elephant $7.19 12/$6.39ea
CHM00873 CHARMING Pulleez Monkey $7.19 12/$6.39ea
CHM00875 CHARMING Pulleez Zebra $7.19 12/$6.39ea
CHM00230 CHARMING Ropes-A-Go-Go Dragon $9.99 12/$9.19ea
CHM00231 CHARMING Ropes-A-Go-Go Gator $9.99 12/$9.19ea
CHM00232 CHARMING Ropes-A-Go-Go Horse $9.99 12/$9.19ea
CHM00286 CHARMING Squeakin' Squiggles Elephant $5.99 12/$5.19ea
CHM00282 CHARMING Squeakin' Squiggles Gator $5.99 12/$5.19ea
CHM00283 CHARMING Squeakin' Squiggles Lion $5.99 12/$5.19ea
CHM00281 CHARMING Squeakin' Squiggles Monkey $5.99 12/$5.19ea
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