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Item # Description Price Qty
JNC02700-50 *JONES Curly Q 50ct Box $255.89   SOLD OUT
BAR01814 BARKWORTHIES Bully Stick Knotted Bone $6.79 25/$5.59ea
BAR01012 BARKWORTHIES Bully Stick Pretzel $6.19 50/$4.99ea
BAR01011 BARKWORTHIES Bully Stick Ring 3in $2.79 50/$2.19ea
BAR10492 BARKWORTHIES Odor Free Bully Stick 12in - 35ct $167.99   SOLD OUT
BAR10494 BARKWORTHIES Odor Free Bully Stick Double Cut 12in - 25ct $149.99   SOLD OUT
BAR10488 BARKWORTHIES Odor Free Bully Stick Double Cut 6in - 50ct $149.99  
BAR10486 BARKWORTHIES Odor Free Bully Sticks 6in - 75ct $179.99   SOLD OUT
IMS00534CS IMS Bully Stick 30-36 Case 50 $399.99   SOLD OUT
IMS00531 IMS Bully Sticks 12 Inches $4.49 6/$3.99ea
IMS00530 IMS Bully Sticks 6 Inches $2.29 6/$1.99ea
IMS01620 IMS Butcher Treats Beef Chews - 10 oz $11.29 6/$9.99ea
IMS01448 IMS Butcher Treats Beef Taffy - 8 oz $11.29 6/$9.99ea
IMS01451 IMS Butcher Treats Bully Sticks - 1 lb - S $28.99 6/$25.99ea
IMS01462 IMS Butcher Treats Piggy Sticks - 6 oz $11.29 6/$9.99ea
IMS01452 IMS Gourmet 1# Bully Sticks for Large Dogs $28.99 6/$25.99ea
IMS01542 IMS Hide a Bull Bone 6-7in $3.59 6/$3.59ea
IMS01544 IMS Hide a Bull Bone 8-10in $4.99 6/$4.29ea
JNC02701 JONES Beef Curly Q $5.29 6/$4.49ea
JNC02700 JONES Curly Q 25ct Box $104.99  
JNC02704 JONES Cutie Q 1pk SW $2.59 6/$2.29ea
JNC02703 JONES Cutie Q 25ct Bulk $56.99 2/$54.29ea
LP05660 PUREBUFFALO Braided Bully Sticks - 6 Inch - 3 Pack $10.49 6/$8.39ea
LP05661 PUREBUFFALO Braided Bully Sticks - 9 Inch - 2 Pack $8.49 6/$7.39ea
LP05659 PUREBUFFALO Bully Sticks - 11-12 Inch - 3 Pack $8.99 6/$7.19ea
LP05657 PUREBUFFALO Bully Sticks - 6 Inch - 6 Pack $7.79 6/$6.19ea
LP05658 PUREBUFFALO Bully Sticks - 9 Inch - 4 Pack $8.99 6/$7.19ea
LP05664 PUREBUFFALO Pressed Bully Bone - 4 Inch - 5 Pack $3.19 6/$2.59ea
SH85969 SMOKEHOUSE Braided Bully Sticks 9in 25ct Display $179.99  
SH51236 SMOKEHOUSE Bully Sticks 12in 60ct Display $273.99  
SH50503 SMOKEHOUSE Bully Sticks 6.5in 60ct Display $159.99   SOLD OUT
Enter all your quantities below, then click this button.

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